Fishing for Foxes


My oldest nephew came for a visit last week and convinced me to take a late night fishing trip at our local reservoir.  I’d caught a few small fish with my new fishing rig earlier that afternoon, but couldn’t quite find the fish I was looking for.  It was a warm night without a breath of wind, so we waded out into the dark water as far as we dared, casting into the stillness.


No fish found our lures, but as we headed back to the shoreline, we noticed a small animal with a long fluffy tail near the water’s edge.  After a lot of whispering, it was decided that we needed a flashlight and a camera – and quick!


I’d read an article recently about nighttime flash photography of wildlife, but wasn’t quite prepared to try it myself.  Nonetheless, we worked out a plan where he’d locate the fox with the flashlight, and I’d quickly focus and snap a photo before the fox got scared.


Soon, we noticed not one, but two foxes exploring the rocks and beach around us!  Both seemed unfazed in their hunting by the light and flash, and allowed us to take some decent photographs.

IMG_7261We agreed, it was one of the best fishing trips we’d taken, although we spent more time on land than in the water.


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