Senior Pool Shoot



David is a bright young man whose family I’ve known for several years.  He wondered about a swimming pool shoot for his senior pictures, as he’s on the swim team at his high school, and I couldn’t wait to oblige!  David’s mom has a friend with a gorgeous backyard and saltwater pool – and it worked beautifully to capture his stunning smile and personality.







Higher Ground

On the drive to work this morning, my friend called to tell me that she’d seen a family of coyotes just down the road from my office, hanging out on the tops of some round hay bales.

Two adults lay on one bale, keeping a watchful eye as four youngsters bounded about in the grass, hunted, and climbed and jumped from the bales.


Content to bask in the early morning sun, They’d likely been chased from their dry spot at ground level as the soil has become saturated; but didn’t seem to mind the morning traffic flying by.


Eventually, one of the adults stretched and jumped down, stopping to pose.


Coyote eyes are such a beautiful yellow.  An old Pima story tells how they came to be this color, a cautionary tale involving a bird or crow, depending on who tells the story. On summer nights, they call – a series of yips and whines I’ve always found comforting, and their eyes glow a greenish gold in the light of a flashlight.


As I readied myself to rejoin the morning commute, one of the youngsters rough-housed a little too much, and was returned to her place in the ranks 🙂

Arkansas River in Wichita


After two dry summers in a row, we may be finding ourselves on the upswing towards ending our drought.

Here are a few panoramic shots I took with my phone this morning in Wichita, Kansas.



The photo above was taken from the bank at Watson Park. It shows the water levels from the John Mack bridge (at Pawnee street) to the Broadway Street bridge.


This one is from the opposite bank of the river, at Herman Hill Park.


And finally, the river at the Lincoln Street bridge and dam. This shows the newly constructed dam, fish passage, and walkway – the water has reached the edge of the sidewalks, and the debris line showed the water level had gone up onto and above the sidewalks earlier today!