One of the things I am most grateful for is that I work outdoors.  I frequently discover some amazing aspects of the prairie landscape, completely by accident.  Many of these times, I’m waiting – and I spend those two or ten minutes catching up on emails on my phone or looking through a lens.  Here are a few of the things I’d have missed this week, if I hadn’t been waiting.

Ornate Box Turtle

The ornate box turtle is terrestrial (non-aquatic), shy and our state’s official reptile. This one was racing across the concrete of our parking lot, so I followed her to the grass and took her portrait. Unfortunately, the group I was waiting for arrived before I could coax her out of her shell for a better look at her pretty face.

Bumble bee on lead plant

A bumblebee quickly and expertly maneuvered in and around a lead plant near my office, it’s wings stopped for a split second by a quick snap of my shutter.

Common Loon

At a local lake, I noticed this juvenile common loon diving near a fishing dock. I quietly moved closer for a better look and was able to capture a lovely pose as she stretched her wings.