Snow Days

It’s old news by now, but we’re enjoying about a foot of snow around here in the past two days.  The weather has closed both my office and the school but has opened the door for some fun in the snow – not to mention the much-needed precipitation we need on our fields and in our streams and lakes.

During my lunch hour yesterday, I tip-toed onto the path outside my office and found some fresh whitetail deer tracks in the snow.  A few moments later, I was face to face with a doe and her two yearling twins – who were comfortable enough in the heavy snowfall to pose for a few moments.

This morning we woke to find an additional six inches of snow on the ground, and the temptation to play in it was too much for our Labrador and my youngest son to bear.  They raced outside, rolling around in the drifts and chasing each other in loops around the yard.

One of the cutest things are snowflakes on a puppy’s nose.
Sugar raced up to greet him with so much enthusiasm that she slid, spraying his face with snow.